2014-2015 Season Appointments List

We will be hunting every Sunday until the beginning of April.  Wet conditions are making scheduling difficult at present, however meet details will be posted to the website as soon they become available.


 All meets are at 12 noon unless indicated.

The cap for hunting is £45 adult and £35 for under-18s.                   

Black or navy coats; horses should now be plaited or hogged, hip flasks permitted.  All welcome.  

Jumping is optional. We have a second non-jumping field and there is always as way round.  


Friday 26th December: Ashbourne Market Square

This is a mixed day of hedges, rails and hunt jumps.  The perfect way to work off that Christmas pudding!  Do come and support us at this lovely meet in Ashbourne's Market Square us even if you can't follow on horseback.  All jumping is optional.


Sunday 28th December: No Meet


Thursday 1st January: TBC


Sunday 4th January: TBC 



If you have never hunted with us before, please take a moment to read our basic guidelines, what to expect and hunting terms. If you have any general queries prior to a hunting day, please email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


Fours Shires' update number: will give the current status of a forthcoming meet - but please note it does not take messages. If a meet has had to cancelled because of weather conditions, or the venue changed, you can check the status on the morning by ringing after 9.30am: 

07967 932583 

If you have any queries prior to a meet day with regard to type of meet, jumps etc then please call Chris Kane, MBH, on 07854 412370 who will be happy to talk to you.  Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Photos from this past Season by Tracy Muir

Tracy Muir has taken some wonderful photos of meets this season. You can see more at her website, www.tracymuirphotography.co.uk.

Meets - General Information

All fixtures commence at 12pm on a Sunday unless otherwise stated. Details relating to each fixture will be updated as locations are confirmed. There is a second Field Master at all exercises and meets for those who want a less challenging day.

ENQUIRIES: If you have any questions about the day, please ring and ask.

Chris Kane, MBH on 07854 412370

Venues can be changed at short notice, so always check the website.

Please park considerately.When un-boxing please park sensibly, you should make sure that you are not blocking a lane or driveway. Take care not to park on a manicured verge or do anything that may cause congestion or inconvenience to other road users.

Arrive at the meet a little before the time that is stated on the meet card. On arrival at the meet as a matter of courtesy say "good morning" to the Huntsman and Whippers-in and the Masters. Helen Best is responsible for collecting the cap (your contribution towards the Hunt's cost) and ensuring you have signed a disclaimer.

If you recognise them thank the farmer or landowner who is hosting the meet and thank the person who gives the 'stirrup cup'’. The Four Shires prides itself on being a welcoming hunt. So the more people you talk to at the meet, the friendlier the atmosphere that is created. In particular, remember to greet people on foot and make those who are out for the first time feel welcome.

Always make sure, that should you be in close proximity to hounds, that you face your horse towards them. Do not allow your horse to tread on or kick a hound. If your horse does break this golden rule you should apologise to the Huntsman and indicate which hound was struck, so that she can deal with it if necessary. If a veterinary bill results from the injury, you are obliged to pay the cost.