Dave Bearder - Quarry Co-ordinator

How does a football-loving man find himself looking after a runner who is being hunted by a pack of Bloodhounds?  Well when your wife is the Hunt‘s Field Secretary and you want to share your Sundays together, one thing leads to another….  The Quarry Co-ordinator’s role is vital to the smooth running and safety of the Hunt.  For thousands of years, Bloodhounds have hunted “the clean boot” – the natural human scent.  At the end of a line, if the mounted field needs to hack on the roads to the next line, Dave ferries the Quarry by car or gator, so hounds do not try to find the scent on the road.  He also helps look after the riders at road crossings and at Port Stops.  We are immensely grateful for his dedication and good humour.

FSB Dave Bearder


Rowan Naylor has been the rock on which the Four Shires has been built. For many years he and his wife, Julia, farmed at New House Farm, Hulland Ward. When hounds arrived, he immediately took to them and offered to be our Quarry Master. After a ‘hunt’ or ‘line’ of several miles, the runner has to be driven to the next one, so hounds do not hunt them on the lanes. Rowan assiduously learns the routes and ferries the quarry, so the days run smoothly.


Rowanthe Naylor Cup Rowan with Naylor Cup