Maggie Hattersley, like her brother and sister, was put on a horse at the age of three.  Her father enjoyed hunting from his father’s farm and hoped that all his children would take after him and be keen riders.  Only Maggie got the gene.

A former master of the Farmers’ Bloodhounds in the Cotswolds, she developed a passion for watching hounds work and listening to the rich music of Bloodhounds in full cry.  Hoping to hunt Bloodhounds in and around her home in the Peak Park, at the Millennium she persuaded the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, Sir Andrew Buchanan, Edward Hammond and Rowan Naylor to help her form the Four Shires.  She and the other master are indebted to the farmers and landowners who generously allow hounds to hunt over their land.  Her hope is that the Four Shires will enable a wide range of local people – both in the mounted field and as followers – to enjoy this exiting country sport.  

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