Jane Bearder - Field Secretary

The Hunt could not manage without our indefatigable Field Secretary.  Jane greets all riders and collects their cap – essential as hounds need to be fed twice a day all year round.  Newcomers’ first contact with the Hunt is our smiling, cheery, cheeky Field Secretary.  She quickly makes everyone feel welcome and answers all manner of questions.  In addition to looking after the mounted field, Jane is a brilliant organiser.  Fearful of boring weekends during the closed season, she is heading up the team running the summer Sponsored Ride at Chatsworth.  The Hunt is very fortunate that the riders are in such capable hands.

FSB Jane Bearder


Deb Kane - 1st Whipper-in

On Meet days our 1st Whipper-in assists the Huntsman in the field making certain hounds are not distracted and are keeping up.  Midwife to bitches in whelp, groom to the pack she is also famous at Crufts for having Bloodhounds not only whose coats gleam – but who do not pong.  Deb is also responsible for the family’s horses who are always immaculately turned out and beautifully behaved.  This is also important in the closed season when hounds are paraded at all the local shows.


FSB Deb Whos who