Important Information - Everyone Please Read

We want everyone who comes out with us to have a safe and enjoyable day. We try to make the meets as safe as possible by planning the day and limiting the numbers in the mounted field, but all equestrian sports carry risks for the riders – and even for followers standing near horses.

If a rider is in difficulty or injured, two established members of the Hunt remain to assist the ground support; the rest of the field should continue. In addition to giving an emergency contact number to the cap collector, all riders should carry an emergency telephone contact number in their hunt coat pocket. If any allergy is known or any relevant medical condition exists, these should also be added. We will supply 'emergency contact cards' to anyone who needs one.

Please note that all riders must have valid insurance: all vehicles must also be properly insured. All attending our events must sign our disclaimer, as participants, followers and well-wishers come out at their own risk.